The Boulton Family


Both caring and creative, our dedicated staff is experienced in working with infants, toddlers, pre-schoolers and school-aged children. Each program has qualified Early Childhood Educators and Early Childhood Assistants to provide a safe and structured learning environment. Staff love to learn, and attend professional development workshops to be inspired and improve programming. All staff are trained to deliver first aid. In addition to our regular staff, we also welcome George Brown Students studying early childhood education into our classrooms on short-term placements. 

Infant Room Staff Members

Yeri T, RECE

Victoria C, RECE

Krista T, ECA

Kala V, RECE

Toddler Room Staff Members

Charlene T, RECE

Paula S, RECE

Stacey D, RECE

Jr. Preschool Staff Members

Karlene K, RECE

Ismete L, RECE

Sr. Preschool Staff Members

Carmela G, RECE

Jenn L, ECA

Supply and Kitchen Staff Members

Gina L, ECA

Marsha W, ECA

Liz S, ECA

Cheyanne M, ECA

Nicole W, ECA 

Tazy T, ECA & Certified Food Handler 

Director: June Schappert, RECE

Board of Directors

Boulton Avenue Child Care has up to eight members on the Board of Directors, these members are elected at the Annual General Meeting each year. The Board is made up of parents and community representatives who are interested in being actively involved in their children’s daycare. The Board of Directors meets monthly to discuss polices and procedures, and acts in the best interests of the Centre. The Board consists of a Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, and up to four standing members.  All members of the Boulton Avenue Child Care community are encouraged to attend the monthly board meetings.  

2017 - 2018 Boulton Avenue Child Care Board of Directors

Maria B, Chair

Martha B, Vice Chair

Josanne N, Treasurer

Matt K, Secretary

Standing members: Cale F, Jamie C, Maria F, Katharine W, Wai Chung H, 

June S., R.E.C.E, Director "I moved to Toronto in 1984 from a small community in Newfoundland, and the following year I started working at Boulton Avenue Child Care Centre as an assistant for the school-age program as well as a kitchen helper. While continuing to work at Boulton during the day, I took ECE in night school, eventually graduating in 1990. After receiving my diploma, I mainly worked with children in the preschool and school-age programs until 2004, when I was promoted to Supervisor of the Centre. In June 2007, I completed the George Brown's Daycare Early Childhood Management Certificate and in 2010 I graduated from George Brown with Mentoring Pairs for childcare. I believe that I am an advocate for childcare and a voice for the parents of children that attend our centre. All children deserve the right to quality childcare and it is my responsibility to carry out that task. The early years of life when these children are in childcare is an important part of the their development. At Boulton, we have the experience to teach these children and to help each child grow to his or her individual potential. Working with children has been my calling in life and I get great satisfaction from helping the children learn and grow."