"Both of my children attend Boulton Child Care Centre. My eldest has been enrolled for three years. The staff are dedicated to the children, and the Director June is very hands-on and involved with the children's learning and well-being. The food is high quality, nutritious and delicious. My daughter especially loves the days with live music and visits from our local librarian." – Shiralee H

"Boulton Avenue Child Care excels at the things that are important to me: it offers a safe, stimulating environment; a space where my kids are happy to go to each morning; and staff who truly care about my childrens' well being. It also has a great community feel - over the past 3 years, I have got to know many of the other parents in my childrens' classes." - Kira O

"My husband and I visited six daycares in the area when we had our first child.  We came armed with a clipboard with a slew of questions and June, the director, took the time to answer each one . At the end of the tour Boulton clearly stood out as our first choice.  Our son was only nine and a half months when we started transitioning him into the infant room and the staff were patient, caring and quick to address concerns that we brought up.  We love watching our son interact with the other children and are constantly and pleasantly surprised by the new things that he has learned over the past two years.  I highly recommend Boulton to my friends and colleagues and know that our daughter will have a great time at Boulton when she starts later this year." - Wai Chung H