Our Philosophy

The goals of the Centre are simple: to operate a safe, nurturing and welcoming place where children have every opportunity to learn and grow. As a not-for-profit organization, we strive to provide affordable daycare to families in the Riverdale community. In operation since the early 1980s, Boulton Avenue Child Care Centre gets its name from the original location on Boulton Avenue. Since 2003, we have operated the Centre in the Royal Canadian Curling Club Building. With 5 bright and cheerful program rooms, a kitchen, and a unique and secure roof-top playground, the Centre continues to provide well-rounded programs for children.

We believe that quality childcare facilitates the healthy growth and development of the "TOTAL" child.

Our quality childcare centre invites each child to explore their environment in conditions that challenge the child's curiosity, and heightens his/her awareness and self-confidence.

We believe that each child is unique, and thus has the right to experience activities that will ensure his/her full potential is challenged and developed.

We believe that through play, the child is best able to explore their world, to learn and to grow. To this end, the staff provides a program that allows for each child to play in situations that will facilitate the growth of healthy physical, emotional, cognitive and communication dimensions.

We believe that our childcare program offers each child a balance of challenging, stimulating experiences, and experiences that are warm and secure. We believe that to achieve the maximum benefit from an experience, a child must feel that they are loved, valued and cared for.

We believe that the childcare program must blend and enhance that child's family experiences with his/her experience in the centre. We believe that by encouraging participation by the child's family we can offer a quality experience for each child.

We believe that our childcare staff are able to offer support and encouragement to families, and that quality child care requires staff who are well-trained and have a commitment to the child's family.

We believe that early childhood educators are advocates for children and their families.

Program Statement